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kwangwoo choi

London College of fashion MA FDT graduate, Kwangwoo Choi's collection titled 'The Line' is based on research of Art Nouveau and 18-19th century Hair work. The Line includes several meanings such as authenticity, sociological aspects and human relationships. The collectionís pattern cutting is developed from the curve line of art nouveauís architecture, furniture and interior design. Therefore, the resultant lines and shapes seen throughtout the collection are unpredictable, soft with voluminous silhouettes.

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kwangwoo choi

The garment embroidery design is linked to pattern cutting. The design, for each embroidery motif, is based on art nouveau plants and is placed alongside the pattern cutting line. All the embroidery is handmade. Braid silk threads, of differing thickness, are incorporated onto the garments using hand stitching techniques - the result is a bold embroidery, design, with a hand-crafted touch. Most of material, used including the embroidery thread, are silk. However, some of the outer coat garments were constructed using alpaca.