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mandy caruso

Mandy Caruso a recent graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design, is a young New York City based designer with a flare for the beautifully bizarre. Drawing inspiration from visual and metaphorical juxtaposition, her thoughtful selection of fabric, materials and technique make for a designer to keep an eye on. Her latest collection is a fusion of classic tailored women’s wear with handmade intricacies that are imaginative, to say the least, but the mastery of the often painstaking details, unorthodox as they can be, is all part of Mandy’s charming edge. At first glance on any given garment, what you probably thought was just another fashion-minded detail is likely something

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mandy caruso

completely different up close; buttons become colorful eyeballs, cutouts become peepholes for serpentine second-skins, fur lapels sprout little grinning poodle heads! While this may sound like the stuff of nightmares to some, she truly excels in designing with discretion; her work is playful yet dark, dramatic yet wearable and masterfully executed. For Mandy Caruso, designing fashion is ultimately the exciting challenge of creating wearable self-expression that appeals to a fierce little niche: the daringly stylish women of the world who enjoy turning some heads, breaking some necks.