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min jeong ko

Min Jeong Ko is a Korean-born American fashion designer who completed a Master's degree in Fashion Design & Technology: womenswear from London College of Fashion in 2012. In the course of creating her graduate collection entitled ‘transient: garment=wrapping cloth,’ Min Jeong Ko directed her research towards the concept of belonging and thus investigated her personal and cultural identity as a Korean-born, American fashion designer, studying in the United Kingdom. She was able to develop her own contemporary vision of traditional Korean items and then reproduce them in a modern context. The designer re-analyzed the Korean traditional Hanbok costume and Korean traditional Bojagi wrapping cloths, in a modern contemporary way using Neoprene as a hidden padding covered with jersey, and pattern cutting techniques of two-dimensions

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min jeong ko

becoming three dimensions. Linked to her travels, the idea of modern-day nomads was illustrated through experimental pattern cutting techniques which used two of the same 2D shapes which were then sewn together and bagged out. This method being similar to that of the Korean Bojagi wrapping cloth construction technique. Completing the design and production of 10 different looks for the collection, strengthend her tailoring and draping skills. The collection also helped her develop a sound understanding of pattern cutting and draping, realizing that if there is at least one hole on any 2D surface, the two-dimensional shape can turn into a garment in three dimensions. This insight allowed her to reflect on ancient times when people merely put on a piece of cloth to cover their bodies.