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myung jin ji

South Korean born Myung Jin Ji recently gradutated from The Parsons New School for Design with a BFA in womenswear. Her thesis collection is titled 'Evolutio' which is derived from the word Evolution. The idea behind this collection was to base the structure of the garments on a basic 2D grid which uses X and Y points. The numbers contained within the grid were interconnected, between the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) grid points, to create intricate shapes. The resultant 2D shapes were then translated into 3D garments using mouldable materials such as buckram, a

myung jin

material used in the construction of hats, and then later boning, elastic, felt and matte vinyl. The 2D grid model required the structure of the garments to be modified at various stages within the design process. Each time the grid was modified the resultant 3D strucutre produced via the 2D prototype was also changed hence the title of the collection "Evolutio".