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nicole murray

Nicole Murray, recipient of the Harrods Launches platform for young talent, launched her Spring Summer 2011 collection at On/Off, London Fashion Week. Nicole Murray is a 24 year old British designer specializing in luxury women’s ready-to-wear. Geared towards the high-end luxury market, Nicole’s work is based on simplicity, sophistication and classic styling, with exceptional attention to detail and finish. Her garments have a timeless style, yet are modern and chic. Not following trends and fads, she offers longevity to her product, with focus lying in sumptuous fabrics and intriguing cutting techniques. Nicole completed her Masters in Fashion Design and Technology in January 2010 at London

nicole murray

College of Fashion, where she received the Harold Tillman Scholarship for Young Designers, graduating with a distinction. It was at this time she was selected by Harrods to be part of the Harrods Launches platform, seeing her graduate collection of Autumn Winter 2010 being stocked exclusively in store July 2010. Nicole’s Spring Summer collection will be available at and Sid Concep.