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sona ngai

Accessories Designer, Sonia Ngai recently gained a BA (Hon) from the prestigious London College Of Fashion, (Cordwainers Accessories; Product Design and Development). Sonia left her native Hong Kong at the age of 14 and subsequently spent her high school years at a boarding school in Kent, during which time she travelled between the countryside of the United Kingdom and the islands of Hong Kong. Having a family, occupational, background in the luxury shoes and handbags industry, in South East Asia, played a vital role in influencing Sonia's work as an accessories designer. Endeavouring to push the boundaries with her work and at the same time maintaining a unique, but commercial feel, Sonia's designs are inspired by the classic

sonia ngai

patterns and shapes of vintage travel luggage from the 60s, which she transforms to create patterns and designs of her own. For her final year’s collection Sonia designed a range, inspired by classic handbags, which portrayed a detailed array of bold, coloured, leather, thongs being weaved together on the surface. Her designs speak for themselves in their uniqueness of shape, form and colour, brought together by quality materials, techniques and craftsmanship.