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sophie redfern

Avid knitwear designer sophie redfern creates innovative, textural designs that work with the nature of the knitted fabric, whilst challenging the traditional knit silhouettes. The key to her designs is the balance between ready-to-wear fashion and statement garments that make an impact. She believes that clothing can be flattering and wearable as well as highly conceptual and collectable. The main inspiration for her work is handcrafted techniques and movement of the body. Constructing pieces that are wearable and relevant to current trends is also an important aspect of the design process. Sophie's view is that women’s clothes should enhance their natural silhouettes and make the wearer feel confident, sultry and feminine. The collection is an amass of lace-holes, knots and heavy fringing; built up to create layers of

sophie redfern

texturally and visually stimulating fashion. Based on the concept of preserved animals and personal anthologies the garments have taken the form of bushy, feathery creations on top of silky, delicate fabrics. Each article relies on hand-crafted techniques, of fringing, that creates the dramatic silhouettes seen and adds movement when worn. The most important aspect of the collection is the end product - hand finished pieces with emphasis on attention to detail. The collection is wearable, enhances the female figure and exudes glamour and luxury.