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stephanie ghoussain

Stephanie Ghoussain, is a Lebanese-born British fashion designer specializing in surface textiles for womenswear. She is also a visual artist, fashion illustrator and thinker in cultural studies. Formerly trained as a Surface Textiles designer at the London College of Fashion, Stephanie's fashion design ethos underlines an emphasis on luxury as wearability, quality as elegance and innovation as style. Her designs are bold, avant-garde and colourful meditations on themes of social identity. At the heart of her creative process, Stephanie questions the acts of femininity, offers an inquisition into ethnicity and investigates socio-cultural norms. Her observational illustrations and linear drawings abstract from and play with distortions on real and imagined identities produced through multimedia experimentations with texture and fashion image making. The result is an eclectic and graphic style that plays with proportion and

stephanie ghoussain

composition to produce new meanings and perspectives on identity through fashion.and fashion image making. Her silhouettes oversized and luxuriously simple are generated through a process of investigative, reactive and 3-dimentional aestheticisations of a concept. Beautiful details and finishes are abstracted from elements of traditional tailoring and juxtaposed with elements borrowed from native dress codes and various traditional costumes. The designer welcomes collaborations with other designers and artists from similar and different fields of specialism nationally and internationally, to share design perspectives and to innovate the future of fashion.