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vir shete

Born and raised in Bombay, with a stellar international educational background and culturally opulent exposure, Vir Shete has managed to build a vast body of work within various inter-related creative capacities; primarily, design, make-up, hair, styling and blogging. With a strong work ethic, directional point of view and determined drive to push the boundaries of fashion, design, beauty and culture, Vir relocated to London in 2010 and graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion in 2014 with a BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear) and the launch of his debut collection – (In)Equality Autumn/Winter 2014 / Ready-to- Wear. (In)Equality Autumn/Winter 2014 is a high-end ready-to-wear collection that is avant-garde at its heart and pragmatic at the surface. By formulating a concept that holds significant relevance in today’s world and by taking the notion of the uniform as a tangible basis for the same, (In)Equality dissects and analyzes whether the uniform really promotes uniformity or division, thereby drawing inspiration from looking at the uniform within three distinguished contexts – societal, religious and political – consequently primarily looking at the preliminary

vir shete

Punk ensembles from the 1970s, juxtaposed against contemporary ecclesiastical vestments of the Roman Catholic Church. Vir’s aesthetic – avant-garde ready-to-wear - is a combination of fashion-forward and statement-making yet functional and practical, sophisticated and minimalistic yet bold and edgy; with a strong emphasis on market, consumer and cultural awareness. Often inspired by (sub) cultural trends; social, religious and political conditions, architecture and graphics, Vir’s work focuses on constantly experimenting with and re-inventing shape/silhouette/form/proportion/cut, within an avant-garde yet wearable context; endorsed by a natural flair for design, a strong sense of identity and aesthetics, excellent technical abilities and an up-to-date understanding of contemporary fashion. Driven by an intense zeal for fashion and design, Vir yearns to constantly learn and inform himself, innovate, make a difference and excel